Mechanical Services


Barry Lee’s Automotive specializes in fast quality alignments. We have experience working with a wide variety of vehicles from vintage to modern, foreign exotics and domestics. If it will fit on our equipment we can align it. Prior to being aligned each vehicle undergoes a rigorous suspension check to make sure all of your balljoints tierods and other suspension parts are working properly.

Notice a squeak, creak, pop or a grind coming from your cars front end come on in and let our experienced mechanics diagnose your problem and get a free estimate on repairs. Already know whats wrong? You are welcome to bring your own parts and speed your visit to the shop.


You may need an alignment if you experience…

  • A pull, drift, or an off center steering wheel
  • Irregular tire wear favoring one side of your tires
  • Accelerated wear

Its always a good Idea to have an alignment after any collisions or suspension repairs


Barry Lee’s Automotive can repair or maintain most vehicles braking system. Our technicians are experienced in every aspect of brake repair from pads to master cylinder installation. Prices for labor on more intensive jobs vary from vehicle to vehicle, please call for information regarding pricing. We do encourage our customers to supply their own parts, in order to save them time and money.

Brake checks are always free.


Not ready to give up on your old tires yet we offer a range of services to help maintain and prolong the life of your tires. We are proud to offer tire balancing, rotation, patching, bead sealing, inner tube installation, valve stem and tire pressure sensor(TPMS) installation.

With cold weather approaching don’t forget its important to maintain appropriate tire pressure. Under inflated tires can experience accelerated wear on both edges and are more prone to experience damage in the result of and impact, with things like potholes curbs or debris in the road. Over inflated tires can tires can impact fuel economy and be dangerous too, stop by today for a free pressure check.

Oil Changes

We stock a most common oil filter and  standard Havoline 5w30 blend of oil. With our supplies standard oil changes on most vehicles are $29.95. You are welcome to bring your own oil and filter and we recommend it if you regularly use a different kind of oil, in this case labor is only $15.00


We do a variety of exhaust repairs jobs ranging fom small patches to replacing everything behind the manifold. Due to the complex nature of the work we do not provide any exhaust estimates over the phone. However, in person estimates are always free and usually only take a few minutes to complete.